Entrevista con Canal 22

Una entrevista sobre la obra El experimento Eurídice.

Interview with the National Gallery, Rome.

An interview about my Untitled Ruins series on the occasion of its exhibition in the museum’s show Time is Out of Joint.

Interview with 'The Seen'

A long interview I did before the show Invisible City at Zuecca Project Space in Venice, Italy. Aquí en español.

Studio Visit with Aura Cultura

An abbreviated version of an informal, virtual studio visit from April of 2020. (en español)

Our Warmest and Most Affectionate Greetings

This catalogue  (Español / English) includes my writings on the history and research behind works that were included in the show.

Todo tipo de fuego

A collaboration with Beta-Local’s  “Afiches/periódicos” series of artist publications in newsprint, in association with the ISCP, NYC.

The Architecture of Corruption

My introductory essay and the maquette of a book-in-progress with the editorial ANDAMIO.


My contribution to the diSONARE edition on ‘political power / poetic power’.

Talk Miércoles de SOMA

This is a teaser video of a talk (in English) that I did for SOMA‘s Summer program.

Interview with Gamma Art Studio

Un video sobre MARSO Gallery con una entrevista conmigo sobre la exposición Capricho Enfático.

Entrevista con Canal 22

Una entrevista con Conaculta sobre la exhibición Capricho Enfático.

Capricho Enfático

Texts in English and Spanish from the exhibition catalogue.

The Compass / La Brújula

An artist book / exhibition catalogue with texts in English and Spanish.


Exhibition Catalogue

ILMONDOINFINE catalogue, La Galleria Nazionale, Rome.

Exhibition Catalogue

The publication from the show Ficción y Tiempo.

Review: frieze magazine

Our Warmest and Most Affectionate Greetings was one of Frieze’s Critic’s Picks during the Mexico City art fairs.

Reseña:Cubo Blanco

Una reseña por Edgar Hernández del blog de crítica, Cubo Blanco, del periódico El Excelsior.

Review in Artforum

The review examines my work Keynote Address within the context of the Archivos Exhibition.

Review: AQ International

A lovely review by Kimberlee Córdova on my show “Our Warmest and Most Affectionate Greetings.”

Reseña: El Financiero

Una reseña por Patricia Martín sobre “Nuestros más cálidos y afectuosos saludos” para el periódico El Financiero.

Exhibition Catalogue

The exhibition catalogue for Summertime Readings with the Center for Contemporary Art, Lithuania.

Domus article

An article by Daniel Garza Usabiaga for Domus Magazine, Mexico about el Parténon de Durazo.

Tipping Point

The exhibition catalogue from WAVE Gallery where I showed works from the Disaster Series.

Reseña por Ximena Apisdorf

A review of the works from the Durazo series. (in Spanish)

Reseña: Dos Pliegos

An essay about the installation The Compass / La Brújula.

Yellow Shot Magazine

A review of my works for Capricho Enfático.

Interview: DigiCult Magazine

An interview with Felipe Zúñiga about The Compass / La Brújula.