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  • [:en]Upcoming show in Germany[:]

    [:en]  The video The Men My Father Arrested will be part of the VideoChannel Cologne’s show Family Affair in September 2010, Cologne, Germany. [:]

  • [:en]Upcoming solo show[:]

    [:en]In November I’ll  have  a solo show with Marso Projects in Mexico City.  While the title is still elusive I’m currently working on a new series of drawings for the exhibition and planning a large audio installation.  Stay tuned . ..   Click to go to Marso Projects.[:]

  • [:en]Screening of Video at the Hirschhorn Museum[:]

    [:en] HIRSHHORN PROGRAM ARTISTS : 1. Mathieu Treblay 2. Dee Hood 3. Paul O’ Donoghue 4. Leslie Berns 5. Virginia Cowell 6. Lemeh42 7. Tina  Willgreen 8. Jenny Schmid + Ali Momeni 9. Leyla Rodriguez + Cristian Staub 10. Andreas Templin 11. Ranu MuKherjee 13. Toby Kaufmann-Buhler 14. Peter Lee [:]

  • [:en]Show in Mexico City[:]

    [:en] [:]

  • [:en]Research in Puerto Rico[:]

    [:en] Off to Puerto Rico to research the newspaper coverage of several FBI cases from the early 1980s.  Thank goodness libraries have set hours and I’ll still be able to get out and enjoy some sun.[:]

  • [:en]Upcoming Shows/Book Arts & Video[:]

    [:en] Old work / New shows One folio from the Smyth & Pineda Educational Serieswill be included in the College Book Arts Association Exhibition at Indiana University’s SoFA Gallery in January 2011. Also, the video The Men My Father Arrested is a finalist for the Kraft Media Prize for the Washington Project for the Arts Experimental Media series.…