Digital Video, 2013

This work is part of The Durazo Series.

Several informants appear in the case file on Durazo, one of whom is Source 1. I became fascinated by the double game of Source, how he was evidently not a criminal (as were the other informants) but a man worried by his moral consciousness. However, in the case file all information about the identity of Source 1 is marked out. In the absence of a portrait of this man I found myself filling in the gaps with my own imagined narratives.

I empathized with Source 1 and his dualities. He seemed to epitomize a particular Victorian paper toy–the one that is a paper circle with a bird printed on one face and a birdcage on the other. Depending on how quickly one twirls strings attached to the paper disc the bird appears either trapped or free. In the end I saw Source 1 as a mockingbird, constantly caged between his secrets, his reality and the possibility that those two might collide.

The audio narration of the story of Source 1 is combined with zoomed-in clips from the 1983 B-movie Lo Negro del Negro. The first time that I watched the film I was struck by one part in particular. At the end of the film there is a short scene in which FBI agents are waiting in a car at the airport, Durazo’s plane arrives, the FBI jumps from the car and arrests him as he exits his plane.

It’s odd to see an actor play your father.

In addition, after all of my research, this fictionalized account of the arrest is the clearest depiction of the meeting of Durazo and my father—albeit an imagined one.


The Song of Source, 2013, digital video NTSC,  4 minutes, 51 seconds.