Installation Work, 2010

This work is part of The Archive Series.

The Island recounts the story of an agent who goes to a Caribbean island to plan a sting operation. Parts of the story are from my father’s archive, some parts are speculative, and other aspects come from my own experience in 2010 when I retraced his visit to the island.

The installation’s labyrinthine quality, combined with the narrative’s echo of mystery novels, resulted in the viewer searching through a space and through a story that unfolds in shadows. The installation used a variety of materials including felt, video, and motion sensor triggered audio. As the viewer walked through the space their presence cued different chapters in an audio narrative.


The Island, 2010, installation work with felt, video, and motion sensor triggered audio, dimensions variable.

Abridged Documentation, 2 minutes.

Unabridged Documentation, 5 minutes.