Drawing series, 2013

This work is part of The Durazo Series.

When Arturo Durazo was arrested the FBI confiscated his address book and photocopied it. My investigation of Durazo began with a FBI letter that congratulated my father on arresting him. However the moment that my father and Durazo met is hardly mentioned in the FBI files. I had expected the FBI documents to detail the actual arrest–to give some indication of the logistics of organizing it and carrying it out. Disappointingly, there are no mug shots in the files, no catalogue of items confiscated, no analysis of the fugitive’s behavior.

The Xeroxed images of the address book mark the only in-focus fingerprint of Durazo in the files. Through these images the distance between the rumor and the reality of the man is suddenly shortened. While the files detail a lot about Durazo’s crimes, movements, and the FBI’s scheming about his capture, they actually give little more than a speculative portrait of who he is. Everything is second-hand, rumor, and assumption. In fact the FBI’s distance from Durazo only seems to perpetuate the aura of mystery and legend surrounding him.

The Address Book, 2013, 43 ink drawings on Gampi paper numbered 8 – 50 corresponding to the pages of the FBI declassified file, 42 x 30.5 cm.